Best Resume Tips March 23, 2015 00:36

Before you use one of our resume templates and and redesign your current resume, please take these resume tips on board!  Here are some resume writing tips from our team here at resumelift:

Keep it to one page. (Less is More!) You may eventually get to the point where your resume will require more pages to list impressive clients, projects or achivements, but until then keep it readable with just one page!

The job description is the "secret to success". The employer is literally telling you what they’re looking for, so apply only your relevant experience to the keywords they use!

Drop the “Objective” section, and instead use the “Profile” section! This is where you define yourself, work ethic, and experience in your very own words. Your overall strengths & impressive accomplishments. Keep it short, no more than a couple of sentences!

Do NOT describe the duties of your previous positions. If you’re applying to be an Restaurant manager, the hiring manager/owner already knows the duties of a restaurant manager! ... So Don't state the obvious! Instead focus on highlighting your contributions to the companies.

Don’t write “Managed a star of 6 in a Mediterranean restaurant” - Get specific. “Developed new menus and staffing rosters that cut stafing costs by 25% and increased turnover by 15%” => This is a specific contribution you made to your previous employer. It shows the kind of value you shall bring once you are selected for the job you are applying for! 

Provide the most more focus to your most recent position. Don’t worry about the details of a job you had 5 years ago, since you likely had less responsibility and made less impressive contributions at the time. If your most recent position has 3-5 highlights, use 1-3 for the older positions.

Be objective with yourself: know when something is impressive and when it’s not! If it reads just like a job responsibility, drop it or rewrite it so it showcases your expertise!

Thanx for reading ... And may the Power of ResumeLift be with you!:)



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